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The way of a man

It is the end of April already but today´s sunny day is the first one when I can go out in a T-shirt and shorts this spring. Everybody is outside. Walking, biking, running.

I am at home, enjoying a day without agenda, just slowly doing what needs to be done. Online shopping. Fixing a wardrope. Putting cannabis seeds into the flowerpot. Washing clothes.

When I come to the balcony to hang washed clothes on the dryer, I notice a guy my age in an orange T-shirt washing his car at the parking place. I flip my daughter´s panties and notice a bit weird feeling somewhere around my thorax. I look at the guy and he looks at me but we both turn the gaze immediately.

Then, a large van stops at our street. A woman, younger than me, gets out in a bike dress. The driver, a guy with a similiar bike dress, gets out after her. She is starting to get her bike out of car and her boyfriend is doing the same. She gets on the bike and slowly rides away. He stays by the car and in few seconds he shouts at her. She is coming back. They are having an inaudible conversation that progressively gets louder.

„I loaded the bikes. I pumped their wheels. I fixed everything. You have a full service!“ yells at her.

She stays silent.

Then they both get on the bikes and ride away.

Man in the orange T-shirt is ready. He locks the car, grabs a 12-pack of plastic water bottles, leans it against his big belly and enters the house. I am finishing my job too. I put the last piece of the garderobe on the dryer and have a last look on the pink-black mix of mine and my daughters´ clothes.

Before leaving, I stop for a while. I look again at the street. There is sun and peace outside, I hear saying to myself. I turn around. And there is sun and peace inside.

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